Aberdeen University OTC WRAC 1953
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Flanders, 1914-1915
Company Quarter Master Sergeants, 7th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 1915
Piper EJ Dawson, 7th Black Watch
Pipe Major William Ross, Army School of Piping
72nd Drummers Room, Edinburgh Castle, 1886
Pipe Band Transvaal Scottish, Turin, Italy, June 1945
Queens Own Cameron Highlander Recruits, Cameron Barracks, Inverness
Winter Air Test, by Wilf Hardy
Edinburgh University OTC Royal Artillery Sub-unit
The Black Watch celebrating New Year, World War I
Winston Churchill watching the 51st Division massed pipe bands, 5th March 1945
Commanders and Senior Staff Officers of the 51st Highland Division plan the battle of El Alamein, October 1942
Fort George, Inverness
Guardsman Fred McNess VC
Queen’s Own Highlanders, Gulf War I
Queen’s Own Highlanders in the Gulf, 1991, by D N Anderson
Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig
Sapper Earnest Duncan Campbell Royal Engineers with his wife Maude and daughter Edna, 1916
79th Cameron Highlanders
4th Battalion Royal Scots, St Leonards, Edinburgh, April 1915
Pipe Major Gavin Stoddart, Royal Highland Fusiliers, 1980
Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle
Field Marshall Montgomery with Lt Col James Oliver, Black Watch, Crossing the Rhine, 1945
Jocks at El Alamein, by Michael Stride
Pipe Majors and Drum Majors at the Highland Brigade Gathering, Agra, India, 1914
Pipe Major Willie Ross, Scots Guards, P/M G.S. McLennan, Gordon Highlanders, P/M John MacDonald, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth with Brigadier James Oliver, Black Watch
American and British Sailors, Rosyth, WWII
George Smith, First Battalion Black Watch, and his brother, 1914
Sgt John Erskine, 5th Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) VC
Lt. General Sir Spencer Ewart KCB, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
Womans Royal Naval Service, Arbroath, WWII
Private Reginald Lobban, 1st Battalion Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, WWI
Royal Highland Fusiliers, 1993, by D N Anderson
March past of the Home Guard, Kelso
The guardroom, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, by Frank Wood
RSM Smart, 2nd Battalion Black Watch, 1915
Seaforth Highlanders 4th Company 4th Battalion, 1914-1919
HMS Nelson, WWII
German Fleet in Scapa Flow, 1918
4th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers
Queen Victoria School, Dunblane, 1919
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Aerial Trench View, 1917
Royal Scots, Limerick, Ireland, WWI
Scots Guards wearing Battle Dress, 1960’s: Sgts Rae, Campsie, Graham and Cameron
Liverpool Scottish arriving at Tunbridge Wells, 1914
Trench map, Ypres, 1917


March past of the Home Guard, Kelso
March past of the Home Guard, Kelso
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